Monday, July 9, 2018

Real Christians on Dump's immigration policy

You know, the real ones that try to live by Jesus' words and deeds. An interfaith group of Christians released this statement, a short excerpt following. See the link for the rest. And to hell with the fake Christians that support such cruel and inhumane punishment.

"Our current immigration policies based on the principles of deterrence violate the basic commitments of our different faith traditions, which 1) emphasize the sacred dignity of all humans; 2) see humanity as belonging to one family, thus no one is a stranger; 3) demand that society and individuals care for the needy and stranger among us; 4) demand truth, instead of the lies used by this current Administration concerning the character and personhood of brown people to justify draconian and cruel policies; and 5) call the faithful to fight for a just society free from the abuse and oppression of others."

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