Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Handmaid's Tale: A white nationalist Evangelical utopia

I'm finally catching up on this hit show and I'm dumbfounded and frightened on how close it is to the white nationalist Evangelical dream. Women are subjugated as property of the man, either as baby machines or servants, even wives. After a US civil war a theocracy takes over and justifies killing anyone who opposes their version of Christianity, especially artists and intellectuals, where their dead bodies are strung up in public for all to see.

This is so similar to what the above Evangelicals are looking forward to. They are sure Dump is a sign of the end times and think he will bring about a global war like in Revelations. Thereafter the Evans get set up this theocracy and create something just like the Handmaid's Tale. You know, the American Taliban. Jesus f___ng Christ...

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