Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Hate, lies and threats are not free speech

Continuing the last post, Not all speech is free; there are Constitutional exceptions. See this link, for example. If someone incites violence in their speech, or hate or threats toward others, or outright lies, those are exceptions and should not be included in honest, democratic debate. Otherwise we end up with a false equivalency under the rubric of free speech and degenerate the actual ground necessary for genuine communication and understanding.

As but one example, the scientific facts are incontrovertible about human-caused climate change. Therefore it is not free speech to allow spinners and liars for oil companies to challenge those facts and label it as free speech in some warped sense of fairness. Their harmful lies are not protected under the Constitution. We must vigorously fight the lies with the truth if we have any chance of saving the planet and our very lives.

Also keep in mind Popper on the paradox of tolerance.

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