Tuesday, April 30, 2019

New Journal: Human Arenas

Continuing the last post, Co-author Marsico is co-editing a new journal called Human Arenas. Here's the introductory abstract from the inaugural issue called "Synthetic and syncretic nature of human culture":

"The inaugural issue represents a specimen of the project Human Arenas intends to promote: the interdisciplinary study of higher psychological functions in human goal-oriented liminal phenomena, both in ordinary and extraordinary life conditions. The construction of generalized knowledge about human culture can be developed only through a pluralistic, polyphonic, syncretic, innovative, passionate and collective contribution. We present the aim and scientific project of the journal, briefly tell the history of its genesis and its editorial policy. Afterwards, we discuss the epistemological and methodological principles we intend to promote. Finally we present the content and meaning of the published articles."

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