Sunday, April 21, 2019

What does Buttigieg stand for?

This article makes clear it's hard to say. Hemming and hawing is not nearly good enough.

"There’s only one element missing from Buttigieg’s potentially meteoric campaign: positions on major issues.

"On healthcare, Buttigieg says he believes the United States should 'move in the direction of a Medicare for all system,' but only gradually — not the immediate change to a government-run system proposed by Bernie Sanders.

"On taxes, he argues that Trump’s tax cuts for higher-income earners should be reversed. He also supports a wealth tax and a financial transaction tax — but he hasn’t offered specific proposals.

"Like every Democratic candidate, he supports 'comprehensive immigration reform,' but he hasn’t offered proposals for stemming the surge of asylum seekers to the border — or explained how he’d get reform through Congress that has repeatedly rejected it.

On Facebook, he says the increasing power of big corporations is 'probably the biggest challenge for America right now,' but he stops short of calling for those companies to be broken up, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has proposed.

"The sum of his statements puts Buttigieg somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of Democratic candidates, between Sanders and Warren on the left and Joe Biden (still unannounced) in the center. But without details, it’s impossible to place him precisely — and he appears to like it that way."

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