Monday, December 27, 2010

Tarot card meditation game

The meditation alarm sounds, bring us back to the waking state from the deep, dreamless and unconscious state of cessation akin to death. While the latter is indeed a restful and rejuvenating state to repair the body-mind, too much focus on it can lead to a morbid fascination with, and for some equation with, nirvana or an enlightened state of consciousness. The coffins, ice mountains and wan skin are indicative of isolation from the dreaming, subconscious waters and the light of waking consciousness, arising from and feeding into an ascetic and monastic lifestyle cut off from the living. The trumpet then is not only to re-awaken to the waking state but to balance via the red cross the various states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep via the angel of the synthetic ego. The name of the card, Judgment, is also a key to the nature of this angel: critical discrimination that can differentiate and integrate, a function not within isolated states of consciousness like cessation. However without sufficient attention to such states via meditation we cannot bring it into conscious integration.

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