Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tarot card meditation game

The Holy Spirit herself descends to put the communion wafer into the open mouth of the passive supplicant, while the left hand of God (could it be, Satan?*) cups his baser instincts. Such influx and stimulation cause an overflow of love juice to fertilize the emotive imagination, from which blossoms the lotus/soul.

* Said with the inflection of the "church lady" from SNL.

On the other hand...

A peon contributes his tithe to the church collection plate, which for the most part enpowers its bureaucratic power structure hidden in the "cloud," while meager leftovers trickle back down to support the needy. Consequently, due to not enough to go around below, the peons are led to believe it is one class of them who caused the shortage of funds, thus pitting them against each other while the riches remain hidden from sight in the hands of the powerful manipulators.

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