Thursday, May 5, 2011


In the IPS thread "what the fuck is going on" we've been discussing the apocalyptic visions rampant in new age conspiracies, in which kennilinguists are willing participants. Therein kela brought up the difference between sapiential and apocalyptic eschatology. I said:

"It seems there is a relation between the differences of sapiential and apocalyptic eschatology with the distinctions I was drawing between progressive and conservative religious politics in that thread. That is, a correlation between the latter being more attached to an "absolute" in distinction with the relative an hence the need to get to the end or highest level  which redeems the world etc. (kennilinguists included). Whereas the former sees more their relation in the here and now, how we make the world better through pragmatic political (en)action and in so doing redeem (the idea of) God. Also note Michael Lerner's response to Obama's death.

I then referenced a Psychology Today article that explores why people fall for conspiracy theories:
"Melley proposes that conspiracy thinking arises from a combination of two factors, when someone: 1) holds strong individualist values and 2) lacks a sense of control. The first attribute refers to people who care deeply about an individual's right to make their own choices and direct their own lives without interference or obligations to a larger system (like the government). But combine this with a sense of powerlessness in one's own life, and you get what Melley calls agency panic, 'intense anxiety about an apparent loss of autonomy' to outside forces or regulators."

This applies to the very individualist kennilingus community, under constant threat by the evil and powerful Mean Green Meme and hence the agency panic, thus creating a conspiracy of enlightened beings ruling the planet. With of course the kennilinguists being part of that Illuminati. Would that be the Kennilluminati?
Also recall this IPS thread on Trivedi, a rather long one with both sceptics and believers. And the kennilingus article in support of Trivedi, with conspiratorial overtones and delusions of grandeur: 

We seem to have entered a new evolutionary epoch on Earth and in humankind's history....this new evolutionary Energy indeed brings a new unity and coherence to everything it touches...thus bringing the organism into alignment for this new transformation and evolutionary unfolding.... This doesn't mean that this new Energy is for everyone....there is just a relatively small percentage of humans that are ready for and open to it. In developmental terms, individuals must grow and develop through the first 5 major levels of transformation before they are ready for the newly emergent 6th level.... It's a choice they have to make, if they have evolved enough... we're waiting to see the percentage of people that can become open to this type of transmission.”

It might serve us to remember that true Gravesian "yellow" has a low "green" reject rate, and that those attached to the MGM meme are more likely yellow "false positive" according to the original Spiral Dynamicists.

"Selections of statements intended to elicit yellow appear to be reflecting a more sophisticated form of orange instead....this might explain much of the 'second tier' elitism coming from MGM advocates."

This plays into the above PT article on the adamant individualist who cannot control his outer circumstances because it is ruled or dominated by an evil force, in this case the MGM. And how in dysfunctional response one then creates a conspiracy, a second-tier, super-advanced club to which they belong for the advancement of the human race. I.e., apocalyptic eschatology.

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