Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Age of Asymmetry

From the opening of Timothy Morton's recent talk on The Age of Asymmetry:

"Modern life presents us with a choice. 1) The essence of life is elsewhere...evolution, the cosmic order [etc.].... 2) There is no essence.... Yet there is a third option. There is an essence and it is right here in the object...yet withdrawn.... Thinking past the meta-mode will bring us up to speed with the weirdness of things."

You're not in Kansas (kennilingus) anymore Dorothy (or Toto).

Some more excerpts:

"Hyperobjects...are nonlocal...if there is a sub-quantum level, if space-time is actually an emergent property of objects that are larger than 10 to the -17...and everything below that doesn't have space or time, and everything below that is everywhere" (26:45).

The difference though is that hyperobjects are "a very large finitude but not infinite" (27:50).

"God is a among many...but God might not be very relevant to our universe" (31:32).

"There is no flux, everything is a unique entity. There is no flux that subtends anything" (42:32).

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