Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lakoff responds to Luntz

In his Huff Post article today he chastises the progressives for once again dumbfoundedly accepting Luntz's framing, not realizing its importance. "It's a trap," he says. If progressives merely frame their agenda as opposite to Luntz's suggestions they maintain the frame. This is a must read for a more effective way to step outside the wrong frame and into the right one. For example:

"Progressives have a basic morality, which is largely unspoken. It has to be spoken, over and over, in every corner of our country. Progressives need to be both thinking and talking about their view of a moral democracy, about how a robust public is necessary for private success, about all that the public gives us, about the benefits of health, about a Market for All not a Greed Market, about regulation as protection, about revenue and investment, about corporations that keep wages low when profits are high, about how most of the rich earn a lot of their money without making anything or serving anyone, about how corporations govern your life for their profit not yours, about real food, about corporate and military waste, about the moral and social role of unions, about how global warming causes the increasingly monstrous effects of weather disasters, about how to save and preserve nature."

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