Monday, February 9, 2015

Why Hillary is just more of the same

See this article, which discusses a weekend NY Times piece on Clinton. Her propagandists are trying to build a centrist policy that doesn't alienate the rich, since that's where her money comes from. But a recent study shows we need far more than so-called balanced centrist ideas, since the inequality situation is far worse than even the most horrid of imaginations. Such centrism doesn't make a dent in it, and some of its framing assumes regressive assumptions thereby actually perpetuating the problem.

Lawrence Summers, one of the said Clinton team, calls this kinder, gentler Democrat policy "inclusive capitalism." This is the Wall Street guy that was influential in the deregulation of the banking industry and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. He was on Obama's economic team and instrumental in the bailout of his banker buddies after the financial collapse. Yeah, that's just who we need advising Clinton in her own corporate-backed campaign with this sort of lip-service to progressive ideals when it's merely that; the policies maintain the status quo of power and money.

No, according to this article (and many others) "that means building an independent movement that is unafraid to call for the deeper shifts needed to reduce inequality – and to keep our society whole." Only the likes of a Bernie Sanders or an Elizabeth Warren are going to take in this direction, not Hillary Clinton and her Wall Street team. We need to get money-backed influence peddling out of the political process altogether, not cater to it with half measures that leaves that in place. Hence only a Sanders or a Warren, or ideally a Warren-Sanders ticket, is going to implement the sort of agenda that brings justice and balance back to a democracy and away from the current oligarchy.

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