Monday, September 14, 2015

A note on the Encyclical

Following up on this post, see this article discussing preparation for the Pope to speak at the UN. A few excerpts:

"A central insight of the encyclical is “integral ecology.” The term, integral, highlights the profound interdependence of people and planet. Integral ecology, then, moves us beyond simply an anthropocentric position and towards the roots of our present environmental situation. That is, our philosophies and sciences make us aware that humans cannot be removed from social, ecological, and cosmological processes that have given rise to us."

"Turkson emphasized the pope’s concern for transforming reality, rather then simply staying on the level of ideas. Such transformative action, he observed, will be plural and trans-national. Practical proposals need to be developed that bring together science and religion, technology and philosophy, culture, economics and politics, and the individual and the group."


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