Monday, April 30, 2018

The emerging Commons paradigm

From this article, which claims this new paradigm will replace neoliberal capitalism. Just putting Band-Aids on capitalism isn't good enough. Capitalism at its core has degenerated into rampant inequality, greed, environmental degradation, financial instability on the verge of collapse and the decimation of democracy with the rise of plutocracy. And liberal tweeks, while still accepting basic capitalistic premises, are just more of the aforementioned Band-Aids. "Conventional schools of economics, politics and power do not comprehend the generative capacities of decentralized, self-organized networks. They apply obsolete categories of institutional control and political analysis." Hence it's time to reimagine economics anew, and the Commons paradigm is already emerging organically.

"The commons, briefly put, is about self-organized social systems for managing shared wealth. Far from a 'tragedy,' the commons as a system for mutualizing responsibilities and benefits is highly generative. It can be seen in the successful self-management of forests, farmland, and water, and in open source software communities, open-access scholarly journals, and 'cosmo-local' design and manufacturing systems."

"Rather than try to manage themselves as hierarchical organizations with proprietary franchises, reputations, and overhead to sustain, activists see themselves as part of social movements working as flexible players in open, fluid environments. Their network-driven activism enables them to more efficiently self-organize and coordinate activities, attract self-selected participants with talent, and implement fast cycles of creative iteration. System-change movements tend to eschew the conventional policy and political process, and instead seek change through self-organized emergence. [...] In this, the commons is at once a paradigm, a discourse, a set of social practices, and an ethic [...] a kind of overarching metanarrative."

And hence, a spiritual enactment, if by that term we mean the most evolved to date enactments not only in those individual domains but in their syntegration within an evolved, "overarching metanarrative."

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