Thursday, April 24, 2014

Comment on the FCC Chairman's blog post

Update: There are still zero comments on the Chairman's blog post so apparently he isn't accepting any. Instead of wasting time commenting on it please write to him and the other commissioners directly at the email addresses below.

Related to the last post, the FCC Chairman has a blog post here on the topic. Please leave your comments on it asking him to just classify ISPs as common carriers. It's that simple to reinstate net neutrality. What he's proposing is NOT that. Also contact him directly and the rest of the commission at the following:

Chairman Tom Wheeler:
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn:
Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel:
Commissioner Ajit Pai:
Commissioner Michael O’Rielly: Mike.O'

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  1. Also see this* White House response of two months ago on the issue. Remind the President of this commitment at An excerpt that belies exactly what the FCC is now proposing:

    "Absent net neutrality, the Internet could turn into a high-priced private toll road that would be inaccessible to the next generation of visionaries."



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