Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More bad news on climate change

More bad news on climate change. We've not only hit 400 ppm CO2 it's been consistently over this figure in the last month. "This is higher than it's been in millions of years." "And few countries have given any indication that they plan to cut emissions in the near future -- at least, not enough to affect the trajectory the planet is on." They compared government inaction to a patient informed by his doctor that his cholesterol is through the roof, yet denies that it means anything.

This is why government action is critical, since the big polluters simply will not do anything on their own without being forced. Yes, we need to also work from the ground up, but that alone will not be nearly enough. We urgently need government to enact laws developing RE and severely punishing polluters. And to get this sort of government action requires each of us to get politically involved with as much time and energy we can muster. Otherwise we're literally not going to survive as a species. This is not hyperbole.

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