Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rifkin's recent talk on his new book

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  1. At 33:30 he discusses the issues of network neutrality and how corps want to dominate the internet. If we want to retain equal access "we have to create a political movement to make that happen" (35:30). At around 37:00 we're going to have to regulate the social utilities like Facebook, Google, and Amazon just like we previously regulated the public utilities like phone and gas companies. Otherwise they'll continue to maintain their monopoly status. The battle is between "the monopolization of everything versus the democratization of everything" (37:30). And right after he acknowledges we will need a change to biospheric consciousness to facilitate this socio-economic shift.

    At around 1:03:00, in response to a question, he brings up The Empathic Civilization, the evolution of consciousness through various eras that arose in concert with energy-communication regimes. We discussed this earlier in the thread,* and answers many of those who wonder about the necessary consciousness shift that is required to prevent tech from being used for merely selfish or profitable aims. Hence the battle between monopolization and democracy based on different value sets. The thread is only 14 pages, a mere 15-20 minute read.



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