Friday, April 25, 2014

The urgency of climate change action

When 97% of climate scientists say we are the "very likely" cause of global warming, that's about a good a consensus as you can get. And if we are to reverse the process, we need to do so from addressing the cause. If we just say "well maybe it's part of the problem but not so much" then our action to reduce human emissions is also not so much. And if the IPCC, using hundreds of scientific orgs and thousands of scientists from dozens of countries, not only determines the cause but give us serious recommendations for addressing this dire problem, we'd better get really busy now. And yes, those cures will be hard and bitter and require significant sacrifice. But the alternative?

And again, if we don't accept the overwhelming science about the seriousness of the problem, that the alternative is ultimately catastrophic climate change,* then we are not so motivated to do nearly enough in time. It might already be too late no matter what we do, but I'd rather die trying than give up. And/or deny that it's happening and sink back into my cozy integral, or not so integral, worldview.

* Of which there are ample current examples.

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