Thursday, April 17, 2014

Free speech is holding Limbaugh accountable

Yes, free speech works, even against the oligarchs. Must be why they are so adamant to silence free speech in the name of the kind of free speech that equals money. See this article for more details on how several movements have cost Limbaugh big time. Yes, even he has the right of free speech, but he must be accountable for that speech.

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Some examples of said accountability:

"NEW ratings are in. Big-city stations are cellar-dwellers: #22 @ NY, #37 @ LA, #27 @ SFO, #19 @ Chicago, #21 Dallas."

"In New York--where Limbaugh moved to Clear Channel's WOR a few months back--there are four stations ahead of Limbaugh's that aren't even English language stations. And a classical music station."

"More than 3,100 advertisers requesting their ads not air on Limbaugh's show."

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