Saturday, April 19, 2014

Regressives repeatedly wrong on Obamacare

Not that the facts every stopped them. But the facts are yet again disproving their claims based on pure ideology. See this article as the latest example. The regressives claimed that no one would enroll and they were wrong; 8 million is the latest figure. They claimed first-year premiums would increase and they were wrong; those premiums are lower. Now the spin is that premiums next year will skyrocket and yet again they are wrong; several predict that increases will be modest, including the CBO.

It seems the regressive lying spin machine base their latest fabrication on the "gut" feelings of one and only one former Cigna exec. That is the extent of continually wrong regressive predictions about Obamacare. And everything else, for that matter. It is not in the least based on fact but on predisposed ideological presumptions that refuse to accept the facts when presented. By any other measure this is called illness. And that is the basis of the entire regressive agenda.

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