Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stand your political ground if you want to win

So says this article. It dispels the myth of the independent voter who wants to see a balance between liberal and conservative. Or that wants a candidate to move to the middle. To the contrary, those identified as independent tend to be more strongly partisan to one side than those who identify with a Party. And liberals tend not to come out to vote if their candidates try to move to the center or right, hence causing them to lose as they did in 2010. Both sides want candidates that strongly stand up for their principles. The regressives at least understood this and it led to their overwhelming victories in 2010. It's a lesson progressives must learn, like the likes of Sanders and Warren. And Obama after trying to negotiate with the regressive terrorists. Strongly stand you political ground progressives and you just might take back the House and hold on to the Senate this year.

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