Monday, November 3, 2014

Another woman on PC Muslim intelligentsia

Here's Nina Burleigh's opinion:

"Progressive apologists and the PC Muslim intelligentsia tend to respond to critiques with nasty words like bigotry, racism and Islamophobia. They like to point out that the West is reaping what it sowed among the Muslims after decades of colonialism. [...] The notion that Islam had a gentler side when the West showed up is totally inaccurate. As I documented in my book about Napoleon’s scientists in Egypt, when the French arrived in Egypt in 1800—the first large-scale interaction between the west and Islam in modern history—they were appalled at the treatment of women. [...] As in 1800, so today for women in most Islamic countries, where honor killing and abuse and hatred of female sexuality still rules—and not just among the jihadists. RIP to Reyhaneh Jabbari, hanged by the Iranian government last weekend at 26. For stabbing her rapist."
"We’re all so used to bending over backward—like Reza Aslan, and like every other academic Mr. Aslan dines with—that nobody in polite company ever says what Mr. Akhtar says in this play, that for Muslims to join modernity, they must relinquish at least some of the tribalism and sense of humiliation at the root of the politics of Islamism. It’s been said so often that it’s a trite-ism—Islam needs a reformation. But it’s true. And for that to happen, Islam needs more brave souls like Mr. Akhtar—not appeasers like Reza Aslan and PC progressives like Mr. Affleck."

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