Saturday, November 29, 2014

The reasonable polis

At FB Bonnie linked to this essay. Therein we have Latour criticizing the 'reasonable' notion of creating a broad generalization of the polis and then trying to fit (pigeonhole) everything into this abstract model. For Socrates the base was geometry, for McIntosh and 'mainstream' integralists it's AQALingus. Both stem from this 'false' reason. This sort of reason misses the democracy of objects Latour and the other speculative realists and object-oriented ontologists enact. Theirs is a 'flat' ontology that still recognizes complexity and mereology, but of a different kind. It's also the difference between real and false reason so much expounded in the IPS thread of that name. All of which has been explored at length and in depth at that wonderful Ning IPS forum from which the FB one springs.

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