Monday, November 10, 2014

More criticism of the suicidal Democrats

This time from Michael Brenner echoing many of the others in recent posts. You'd think the Dems, who are supposed to be the smart ones, would get the message. Here's a short clip; see the article for the rest of the diagnosis and prognosis.

"At a time when Americans feel more discontent and view their prospects more darkly than on any occasion since the depths of the Great Depression, the Democrats have defaulted. They offer no interpretation that conforms to their bedrock principles; they offer no narrative that fits the pieces into a comprehensible whole; they offer no vision for the future. Instead, they have adapted themselves to the Republican narrative and Republican motifs. They present no robust defense of government as the people's instrument for meeting communal needs and wants. Rather, they incline toward the assumption that government and public programs should be viewed skeptically."

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