Monday, November 24, 2014

Is propaganda just an illusion?

In the FB IPS forum Fractal Organism started a thread on the epistemic fallacy. I responded to his statement that "the world we create is necessarily a world of propaganda, and by extension a world of delusions and illusions" with the following:

"I disagree that propaganda by extension is delusion and illusion. See my most recent post in the Lakoff thread on the movie Mockingjay. Like in the movie [...] propaganda requires an emotional connection to motivate and inspire people to action, like framing per Lakoff. It isn't necessarily about creating an illusion but about creating embodied and emotional connection with ideas.

FO: "ok, agreed, but making something embodied and emotional doesnt necessarily take the illusion out, it just gives it tangibility."


"Of course, regressives lie, cheat and steal to manipulate their base via the sort of embodied, emotional propaganda that creates the illusion that everyone has a fair shot while creating policy that is anything but. Progressive propaganda dispels that illusion and tries to create the reality of equal opportunity (not result) by motivating people to vote for, not against, their own best interests.

"The latter is where integral activists might focus their efforts more productively to enact social transformation by engaging in effective, progressive and inflaming framing best exemplified by Obama, Sanders and Warren. As I said in the IPS Mockingjay thread, this is war, at this point a war of words and frames that shape policy. If done well it could avert a war of bloody revolution.

And that ain't no epistemic fallacy!

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