Wednesday, November 5, 2014

IPCC synthesis report

See this article on a summary of the final IPCC climate change report. The story has links to the full report and the summary for policymakers. The following are the 10 bullet point highlights. See the article for more detail. And you can bet your bottom dollar the regressives in control of Congress will not believe any of these obvious facts, let alone take any action on them.

1. We humans really, truly are responsible for climate change.
2. Climate change is already happening.
3. … and it is going to get far worse.
4. Much of recent warming has been in the ocean.
5. The ocean is also becoming more acidic.

6. Climate change will hit developing nations particularly hard, but we are all vulnerable.
7. Plants and animals are even more vulnerable than we are.
8. We must switch mostly to renewables by 2050, and phase out fossil fuels by 2100.
9. We already have the answers we need to tackle climate change.
10. This dire report is decidedly conservative.    

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