Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jonathan Chait on why regressives hate Obamacare

He nails it. Regressives predicted that Obamacare would increase healthcare costs, insurers would bail out, the number of uninsured would not fall and many more blatant canards. All of which have proved false. But the real reason they hate it is for something they refuse to articulate, perhaps because they are just unaware. (That's being generous.) Chait provides evidence that regressives believe that healthcare is a privilege one must earn, not a right for all. And if you can't afford it it's your own damned lazy fault. It's not the government's job to help people who refuse to help themselves. As if tragic illness is something that's our fault. Or our inability to pay those gargantuan bills therefrom is our fault too. But that's the belief system in a nutshell. Perhaps we didn't worship the one true God properly and deserve his punishment? Yeah, right.

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