Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Melancholy delusion?

Continuing from the last post, another thing. Recall this discussion about how I saw my role in integral world. I've taken the underview that seeks those hidden assumptions in any theory, especially IT. Which reminds me of Mark Edwards' statement about deconstruction here:

"An integral metastudies should not be seen as a rational project of integrating every perspective, concept, paradigm, or cultural tradition within its domain. There must be some things that, by definition, lie outside of its capacities to accommodate and explain. Consequently, an integral metastudies needs a decentering postmodernism that it cannot integrate, that lies outside of its scientific and systematic purview, which continually challenges it and is critical of its generalizations, abstractions, and universalizings. The decentering form of particularizing postmodernism is not something that integral metatheory can locate or neatly categorize somewhere within its general frameworks. Decentering postmodernism will always provide a source of critical insight and substantive opposition to the generalizing goals of an integral metastudies."

It's not something that can be integrated in IT, as if it were a prior level that precedes and is subsumed by IT, the next and better level. It is an underview that informs and challenges any and every view at any and every level. And perhaps I am a just fool for thinking I can fulfill the role of the Fool or the plus-one, some grandiose delusion that needs medical attention. And/or both/neither. Whatever and nevertheless.

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