Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nosuch nonesuch

Following up on the last post, and in response to this IPS thread on Supermind:

Today's word of the day is nonesuch:\ NUHN-suhch \  , noun;.a person or thing without equal; paragon.

I can see that in a particular activity, like basketball (Jordan), or even in a particular philosophy (like Aristotle for his time). But these pass in time and others replace them as the best in a very particular domain. However when it comes to an nonesuch for ultimate reality for all time, like Jesus for heaven etc., there is nosuch thing or person. That very notion is archaic, counterproductive and even harmful to contemporary society. And as this thread attests, Wilber follows Adi Da in setting himself up as the nonesuch avatar for eternal ultimate Reality as such. It is also highly questionable whether he is even the unparalleled nonesuch for this very particular (not ultimate) nondual state. Ordinary ego inflation is rampant in this evolutionary spirituality business, something readily apparent and repulsive to most of us.

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