Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hayak as a regressive leader

See this article for the details. The regressives have long adopted Hayak's anti central planning agenda. He was certain that in all cases it led to totalitarianism and dictatorships, hence any government planning and intervention is bad. While that proved to be true in some limited historical contexts like Russia, in other cases like western Europe and the US he was completely wrong. So he had to adjust his fanaticism against a softer socialism like government regulation of business, social programs and higher taxes to pay for it. Such handouts destroy individual initiative, a common regressive theme.

This philosophy basically finds the individual as the sole harbinger of economic stability, while any communitarian social good is the greatest of evils. But even the softer socialism never led to the much feared results of nationalized industries or the demise of democracy; just the opposite. Hayak and his regressive children were wrong yet again. Ironically, this fixation on individual wealth has led to the demise of democracy and an oligarchic totalitarianism that denigrates everyone else with below living wages etc. Democracy and socialism go hand in hand, where we have a social contract to benefit everyone instead of the few. One can see why this is a threat to the oligarchs, and why they keep pushing a defunct and destruction ideology to maintain their power.

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