Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Job blue-ballers

Robert Reich interview with Salon here. See it for details. I particularly liked this quote on why more jobs are not being created despite the so-called job creators raking in the profits.

"As long as political power is so skewed, there’s no reason to suppose that a lot of jobs are going to be created, for the simple reason that big corporations don’t want a tight labor market. They like a loose labor market; they like to be able to keep a lid on payrolls. Payrolls had been 70 percent of the costs of most companies prior to the Great Recession, and one of the reasons that companies have shown greater profitability since then is that they’ve kept a lid on wages, haven’t hired back people, or haven’t provided any raises. They want a relatively high level of hidden unemployed — that is, people who are no longer in the job market — as well as the ability to outsource abroad."

They want to keep both job seekers and employed workers desperate to keep wages low and demand outrageous productivity standards to support their greedy profit margins. They are not job creators but job manipulators and could not give one fuck about their workers. A more accurate term for them would be hand-jobbers, except that activity provides some form of pleasure and release. A better term might be job teasers, as they continue to hold up the American dream-fantasy of a decent paying job with benefits to raise a family in security while merely doling out crumbs and telling you that's all you're really worth. Yeah, like that girl in high school that everyone wanted to have sex with and she knew it, so she played that against you to get what she wanted while giving nothing in return. To extend the metaphor, our job creators are in reality job blue-ballers.

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