Monday, February 2, 2015

On blaming the victim via Supermind

Continuing from this post on the IPS thread on Supermind, LP noted the following on the language of such elevated stages of humanity:

"We also have to (or at least we could...) keep an eye on our own tendency to react toward such terminology. The Adi Da case is interesting because his writings are full of clarifications about how we should 'hold' that aspect of his speech."

 So we're supposed to accept at face value what Da or Wilber say about how they 'hold' such speech? And not question that it's perhaps rationalization? They couldn't possibly also be guilty of projection, since that's what your apology amounts to. Classic Wyatt Earpy blame the other of what one is guilty. But how could they possibly commit such a relative offense from that privileged access to Absolute Supermind? It's simply got to be a projection reaction from the lower level critic only. "Suck my dick," remember Wilber said in response to valid criticism? (Note: that episode was the inspiration for the well-deserved nickname kennilingus.)

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