Thursday, June 2, 2016

Salon on a Sanders/Stein Green Party ticket

See the article here. They start by noting that Sanders has not ruled this out. They also make a good case that this 3rd-party ticket would knock out Trump because it doesn't have Clinton's weaknesses against the Donald. 47% of voters would consider a third-party alternative to Trump/Clinton. Independent voters will likely decide the election and Trump will siphon off a greater percentage of these against Clinton alone, but if Sanders is in the race he'll maintain a substantial portion of them. Sanders will also maintain a substantial portion of those who want to vote for an outsider in the race, whereas Trump will get more of them against just Clinton. Trump can use Clinton's cozy relationship with Wall Street against her but not against Sanders. Trump is to the left of Clinton on trade agreements but again, that won't work against Sanders. Trump is to the left of Clinton of war, but Sanders would win on that one too. Clinton has the email scandal (among others) hanging over her while Sanders has no such baggage. And finally, the Green Party platform is very much akin to Sanders' own and gives us real progressives someone to vote for instead of against.

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