Thursday, June 2, 2016

Theo Horesh on Clinton

From his Daily Evolver interview including a transcript here. A few excerpts follow:

"I think she's a Nixonian in her egregiousness. Just looking at the campaign, and I usually ... When I want to enumerate her lies, I try to start with the most recent ones I've discovered going backwards. The most recent one, she creates the Hillary Victory Fund. This is supposed to fund democratic candidates at all levels. Mostly, in national elections. It raises $60 million. It takes in the highest donations at 50,000 vastly more than you're able to raise for yourself now, for one's self. It comes out in the middle of her campaign,that they've actually spent 45% of that money for themselves. 

"That was only part of it. It's now come out that they've only spent 1% of it for other democratic candidates. She basically lied to the democratic party and stole their money and broke our unbelievably lax campaign finance, campaign finance laws. She's pushing us back in that way, very far. 

"You look at the nature of her campaign, her whole campaign has been crafted around gun control. Which is nice. I support gun control and immigration reform. Yet she's used these two issues to portray her primary opponent as Bernie as an old racist, gun-toting, rural, out of touch guy from this rural state. She's twisted around his positions on gun control. As I told you before, the main thing she's got against Bernie on gun control is that he opposes suing the manufacturers of guns in mass shootings. This is like suing the kitchen sink manufacturers for Hillary throwing the kitchen sink at Bernie. It's an ethical position."

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