Friday, February 10, 2017

Why Democrats lose

This is one reason. In this town hall with establishment Democrat Pelosi, Trevor Hill provides stats showing the Millennials are against capitalism. He asks Pelosi if the Dems, while progressive on social issues, could be more progressive on the economic system. Pelosi said we are capitalists and that's just the way it is. She said capitalism used to consider all stakeholders but when it shifted to concern for shareholders and the bottom line that was the problem, not capitalism per se. If only we could go back to that she pleas. Sorry, that time is over. Capitalism had gone rogue and isn't coming back. To wit, the current Administration and the GOP. We need to move forward into the collaborative commons. It's too late to fix capitalism.

This is exactly why establishment Dems like her continue to lose. Progressives like Sanders were the ones promoting democratic socialism, which is a step towards the collaborative commons. And why progressives like Sanders, Warren and Ellison must take over the Dem Party if they ever want to win elections again. The Millennials know it and they are the future. And they want something far better than capitalism.

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