Sunday, April 15, 2018

When the US used chemical weapons: Agent Orange

Excellent, accurate historical reporting of when the US used this chemical weapon in Vietnam, and the consequences today: "650,000 [are...] suffering from an array of baffling chronic conditions. Another 500,000 have already died." Where's the American outrage about that, especially since it included innocent, civilian women and children? Some of the symptoms of those on death's door:

"Hong Hanh is both surprising and terrifying. Here is a 19-year-old who lives in a 10-year-old's body. She clatters around with disjointed spidery strides which leave her soaked in sweat. When she cannot stop crying, soothing creams and iodine are rubbed into her back, which is a lunar collage of septic blisters and scabs. "My daughter is dying," her mother says. "My youngest daughter is 11 and she has the same symptoms. What should we do? Their fingers and toes stick together before they drop off. Their hands wear down to stumps. Every day they lose a little more skin. And this is not leprosy. The doctors say it is connected to American chemical weapons we were exposed to during the Vietnam war."

Which is backed by science that the US denied:

"New scientific research, however, confirms what the Vietnamese have been claiming for years. It also portrays the US government as one that has illicitly used weapons of mass destruction, stymied all independent efforts to assess the impact of their deployment, failed to acknowledge cold, hard evidence of maiming and slaughter, and pursued a policy of evasion and deception."

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