Monday, June 11, 2018

How do we defeat Repugnantans?

There is still some heated debate among Dimocraps on how to do this. Some still think that we need to vote Dem no matter what. I agree that the Repugnantan Party has to go. It seems our differences are on how to do that. To defeat them we need strong progressive Dem candidates. The corporate Dems lose and have quite the history of exactly that. If we want to defeat the Repugs we must support strong progressives and defeat the corporate Dems. That's how Dems win.  Btw, when it came to a choice between Hillary and Dump I voted for Hillary. 

I agree when it comes down to choosing between a corporate Dem and a Repug we should choose the former. Our job is to make sure it doesn't come down to that. And we have to be realistic that some of the corporate Dems will beat the progressive candidates in the primaries. If so, they are still better than the Repugs. Progressives can force at least some concessions out of them. They'll get no such from Repugs.

But I'm tired of having to choose losers. That is how the Repugs win. You want Repugs out? Choose winners (Sanders, Warren, Pocan etc.) Listen Liberal by Thomas Frank is a very good book on the issue. Hartmann interviews him below. 

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