Thursday, June 14, 2018

Is colluding with Russia treason?

This law professor said that even if collusion with Russia to rig our election is proven it is not technically treason. This article explores the topic in detail, asking of the two strict Constitutional conditions of treason: "Could a cyber attack perpetrated by agents of a foreign power with the intent of changing the composition of a branch of government constitute 'levying War' against the U.S.? Would knowingly endorsing such actions rise to 'aiding' an 'enemy?'"

Just maybe so given the cited precedents. This article notes on the definition of 'war' Dick Cheney and John McCain have said cyber attacks indeed constitute war. So does this Russian military doctrine expert:

"There are those who do consider the Russian cyberattacks related to the election an act of war. Russian military doctrine expert Alexander Velez-Green thinks the Russian leaders themselves are seeing things that way, taking advantage of the fact that U.S. policymakers are used to only viewing war as something 'limited to the military arena'. Thus the Russians are using non-military efforts (hacking) to devastating effect."

And as to  'aiding and comforting' an enemy, the article cites two Harvard law professors who think Dump's action indeed did so.

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