Thursday, June 21, 2018

Psychology's fav moral dilemma doesn't appy in real life

Who could have predicted that? Likely anyone with real life experience in such situations instead of hypothetical, inconsequential what ifs.  I get so weary of people saying "if I was in that situation I'd do this." Uh huh. The study showed that "faced with a real-life dilemma, the volunteers were more consequentialist / utilitarian; that is, more willing to inflict harm for the greater good. [...] But the most important finding [...] is that the participants’ preference for deontological vs. utilitarian responding in their answers to the earlier battery of 10 hypothetical moral dilemmas bore no relation to their decision in the real-life mouse task."

Bostyn et al (2018). "Of mice, men and trolleys." Psychological Science, May 9.

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