Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The conservative lie about deficit reduction

Deficit reduction has been the conservative calling cry in the last US election, that when they take power it will be addressed and remedied. So what exactly are they doing about it since they've taken office? What are their proposals?

Rachel Maddow discussed this last night pertaining to military spending. Here's a video on that segment of her show. For example the conservatives are pushing legislation to fund a spare engine for the F-35 fighter jet that military leaders say they neither want nor need. Obama's budget proposal cut this funding but conservatives are fighting to keep it at a cost of $450 million.

Robert Gates, the Defense Secretary, said about funding the spare engine: "We consider it an unnecessary and extravagant expense." But conservative leaders are going to push ahead with it anyway. They also want to keep $3.6 billion in the budget for oil subsidies.

What funding do they want to cut from the budget? Food inspection, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (who predict and track hurricanes, for example) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (who track loose nukes).

Maddow rightly calls them on their hypocrisy in claiming they are the party of fiscal responsibility, yet here we see their true colors. Sure they want cuts, from social programs that help the poor and the environment, even our national security, while the truly big-budget items like military spending not only go unchecked but maintain wasteful spending programs that the military itself does not want. Thank you Rachel for your tireless and effective work at exposing their blatant lies.

Jim Wallace, Christian leader for social change, asks "What would Jesus cut?" He says:

"House Republicans announced a plan yesterday to cut $43 billion in domestic spending and international aid, while increasing spending for military and defense by another $8 billion. This proposal comes just months after billions of dollars were added to the deficit with an extension of tax cuts to the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans....it's good to finally know what their priorities are."

Alleluia brother!

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