Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last month saw the highest traffic at my blog, going over 1000 page views per month for the first time. The last highest viewing month was March at 600. Before March the majority of readers were from the US, but France has been creeping up all along. In March though readers from France were slightly outnumbering those from the US, and last month it was over 2 to 1 France to US, with the later number going down while the former went up significantly.

To what do I attribute this change in readership?

In both March and last month I had many more posts on political matters and far fewer on strictly "integral" topics. It seems the early readership in the blog was mostly US integralites of one sort or another. But the more I go political the more France and other countries* start to read. And while they're at the site reading the political posts they tend to look around and read some of the other, more "integral" related posts. It seems broadening my horizon is introducing these ideas to a wider audience? I'm also guessing that my focus on Derrida and deconstruction might have something to do with it, since France is after all the genesis of his birth and work.

On the other hand the US readership, those more hungry for strictly "integral" (meaning kennilingus-based) ideas seem to be declining. But that's ok, since that is no longer my focus. I'm expanding into new horizons and it's time for new ideas and audiences. I am grateful that at least some folks are interested in what I do. Hopefully that will continue to be of some interest to those who drop by. Thank you for sharing some of your time in my little world.

*In the past week there were almost as many readers from Iran as the US.

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