Thursday, September 15, 2011

New words

I've referred to some of my neologisms in the past, like here. In some recent IPS posts I've come up with some more. For example this from the OOO thread when we were discussing the interactivity of subject and object:

I had a few options: sobject, interject(ive), interjact(ive). But Morton doesn't like the interactive ([co]relationism) models, so he would probably from upon the latter two. Now I'm thinking "suobject." It has the "su" of subject and would be pronounced "swobject." Swob is a derivation of swab, being both a noun and a verb. As a verb it is transitive, requiring an object so a suobject requires itself as its own object, thus making it good for OOO. Amazing what rationalization can do.

I think it’s fine to introduce neologisms that at first confuse, thinking perhaps it’s a misspelling. One of my innumerable mentors coined differance which many might have mistook as a typo at first.* Such ‘mistakes’ cause one to remember the word. So while I like suobject (the fricken auto-speller corrected it!) I’m now starting to like intersobject even better. For me it exemplifies the interrelationships between all 4 quadrants rather than being confined to any one quadrant. It’s a word that represents what Edwards has been trying to get across, that every holon has 4 quadrants, and that holons aren’t in quadrants. An intersobject is such a holon, whether a person, place or thing. Plus I like the ‘sob’ part, indicative of crying, since melancholia is a door through which to perceive this realm, at least per Morton above.

* Some still make the mistake that differance = difference.

And this from the essence thread:
Given my wont I say we need new words to reiterate new meaning to our concepts of essence, absolute etc. Hence Derrida created the new word differance. Since I like the prefix quasi I suggest quasiessence. It has an effervescence and mellifluity harmonious with the quantumium, the latter a new word for the continuum. Yes, I am the quasiessence of the quantumium via intersobjectivity. Yee-fucking-haw! (As we say here in Texas.)

Balder: Hahaha, I like that, Ed.  Here's a monstrosity:  AQuasiessence, a bastard product of AQAL, quasi, and essence.

Me: Given my visceral response to Kennilingam's writings on essence perhaps for me the more appropriate word might be AQueasiessence?

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