Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chop(ra) Suey

Check out this Integral Options post on Chopra's latest nonsense. Here's Julian Walker's comment:

"of course mind reduces to brain - this is an appropriate level of reductionism. no brain = no mind, period. damage the brain and you damage mental functioning.

"yes - in integral terms UL and UR are wonderful way of talking about the relationship between subjective and objective aspects of consciousness, but we should be sober and honest about the fact that we are biological organisms who's capacity for interiority is 100% a function of our brains.

"as far as the shermer debate, chopra got hammered and exposed for the blowhard waffling pretender that he is. whenever the subject is physics or the brain you can virtually guarantee that chopra will be wrong, because he is always trying to smuggle in the primacy of mind in an indian idealist/pantheist way under the cover of pseudoscience assertions and pseudo-philosophical jargon. this is often hard for wilberites to see because ken is unfortunately prone to some of the same fallacies with regard to his vedantic assumptions."

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