Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Morton on the metaphysics of presence

Related to some of my comments on the Magellan course, following are a few excerpts from Morton's recent blog posts. From "Perspectivalism is the metaphysics of presence":

"A perspectival determination, as far as I can tell, is another kind of foundationalism. It's saying that perspective is more real than what is perceived or perspectivized or whatever.

From "Relationism, OOO and Sorites":

"Relationism...is a metaphysics of presence insofar as it holds that relations are more real than the entities they instantiate....in other words the network is a metaphysically present thing. To assert this is to regress to structuralism. Structuralism is the most elegant relationism ever devised. Derrida was already past that. We must move beyond."

From "Temporal parts, OOO and Sorites":

"The metaphysics of presence that underlies process philosophy...is a regression from, rather than progress beyond, Derrida."

Also check out "The shape of the I."

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