Thursday, April 24, 2014

The new net neutrality is not so neutral

See this article. So the FCC responds with a new set of rules that kowtows to corporations, not people. Oh wait, I forgot, corporations are people and money is speech. The new rules will allow internet provides to charge more money for faster delivery, thereby setting up fast and slow lanes. The result is that those with the money get the fast service, the rest of us get the barely passable back dirt road. Or possibly no road at all. Oh no, don't worry says the FCC, that won't happen. Yeah, we believe that big money won't corrupt the system. Have you seen the Supreme Corps recent rulings?

And Obama was a vociferous proponent of net neutrality. See this report showing his past speeches defending it. Not so much anymore by the looks of his FCC. Also sign this petition from freepress to the FCC Chairman, asking him to reclassify broadband as a telecom service. And quit letting big $ dictate the last vestige of our democracy, a neutral internet.

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