Friday, April 25, 2014

The US is ripe for progressive change & leaders

In response to LP in this post:

Is there really a way to message climate change to people who completely deny it? Per the research in another post such 'facts' only piss them off further. And the likes of the humongous regressive spin machine like Fax and Rush make it all the harder. I don't see that anyone, including Lakoff or IT, has yet to figure it out. I'm guessing though that this % of Americans is only around 20%, so there might be ways to reach the other 20% or so of those who vote Republican and 10% or so that vote independent. We only really need a couple % to win elections.

Proper framing, including scientific fact, will reach the "realistic and progressively sensitive people," whose ranks appear to be growing daily. As I pointed out with some of the new Amazon bestsellers, as well as numerous opinion polls, it appears general public opinion is shifting due to the rigged system. As it has for marriage equality and marijuana legalization. Given that the average working folk's lifestyle has been drastically reduced from such a system they are mad and more open to the facts of how this was created. And by the polls they appear ready to vote on issues and for candidates that redress the inequality. It seems the shift is close to enough  to elect the needed representatives to make RE law.*

That RE tech will create jobs is one framing that will reach the average folk of any political persuasion (except the 20% fanatics), given the paucity of decent paying jobs (or any jobs). And Rifkin provides data that the RE tech sector job growth rate is exceeding other sectors like manufacturing and even service, which jobs have been shipped overseas. Get them to vote progressive, elect progressive reps, create laws enacting RE, create training programs in RE tech, create good-paying jobs.

I know it's not that simple, but I think that the majority (based on issue polling) want candidates who speak truth to power and who will redress inequality and create jobs. The popularity of such progressive reps like Warren and Sanders seems to lend credence to this. Warren's book is #2 on Amazon and Sanders has an exploratory committee to possibly run for President in 2016. There is a big shift happening per previous examples. Just as there is on climate change and RE. And if more "realistic and progressively sensitive people" grow big enough balls and fight like Warren, Sanders, Grayson and others I'm thinking the time has come for change in America. Electing Obama was a big first sign. Now it's time for real progressives in office.**

* Except for gerrymandering, voter suppression and giant money promoting disinformation, another story.

** One of these candidates really show hire me as a speech writer and policy adviser.

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