Monday, May 5, 2014


This thread is discussing the postmetaphysics of Jarava Lal Mehta. My comment on a recent post:

I can't resist this one: he's postmetaphysical with this mehtaphysics! Which of course is similar in some respects to our forum threads and posts.

The first thing that hits me is its relation to kennlingus fusion-differentiation-integration. Ritual in Vedanta is tied with fusion and stasis (Apollo), for Mehta its about separation and dynamism (Dionysis). They are on/in a continuum. And as noted, Mehta joins the postmodern in this shift to the latter. A worldview is corrected and replaced, and yet some aspects are included. The integration is in how these poles on the continuum are related as a withdrawn "present absence."

Again its about how the integration is generated, how we move from premodern to modern to pomo to popomo. The last 'stage' breaks with the heretofore linear fusion-separation-synthesis logic of stages into translogic. The only hint I have of Mehta so doing the popomo is 'present absence.' Up to that point is sounds a lot like pomo.

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