Thursday, May 22, 2014

Regressive empty talk on veterans

Regressives are in a faux uproar over the latest VA scandal, where vets died while waiting on treatment. But do regressives really give a shit about them? Of course not if we judge their actions instead of their misleading rhetoric. For example, see this report where over 250,000 vets are being denied Medicaid directly due to regressive States failing to implement Obamacare Medicaid. These vets are not eligible for VA medical benefits for various reasons so without the Medicaid they have no healthcare unless they can find employment that provides it. And that is becoming an ever decreasing likelihood in this economy.

Not only that, in this article Senate regressives blocked a bill that would have "expanded federal healthcare and education programs for veterans" because it cost too much. Meanwhile they dole out the subsidies to their rich friends in amounts dwarfing this $24 billion investment in those who risked life and limb for their country. Again providing they're all talk and no action when it comes to just about everything, including our vets.

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