Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Superman has Supermind

I liked on this ridiculous program Ken Wilber (Kennilingam) is involved, the Superhuman Operating System. Now he comes out with a description of Supermind, the highest level of human evolution which of course he's attained. Balder has an IPS thread on this. Thing is, he's stated several times, this as one example:"Actual stages CANNOT be skipped" (10). And yet he cites Commons et al. in several places as those who validate postformal stages of development, and yet those folks do not have any stage higher than cross-paradigmatic. Wilber posits four stages (not states) above that, the highest being Supermind, which of course he's attained. There is exactly no evidence from postformal researchers above cross-paradigmatic, and that is extremely rare. And since Wilber asserts that one cannot skip stages, then he's also claiming to have achieved cross-paradigmatic on his way to Supermind. No so says Commons and his coterie at the Yahoo Adult Development Yahoo Forum:

See this conversation on Wilber. (You might have to be a member of it to access this. Click on "show message history.")

"Michael Lamport Commons wrote: We agree Judy, That is why he is transitional to metasystematic. He is at step5 in Sara's and my scheme. He as smashed together the elements and is making some hits and lots of overgeneralizations . MLC"

So can Wilber be at stage Supermind when at the time of that writing (2009) he was only transitioning to metasystematic? I don't see in his writing since then that he has further developed in Commons' scheme.

Another conversation at that group on states and stages.

And this one:

"Wilber's ontological scheme, described below. It is not even paradigmatic. It is a comparison of systems, metasystematic, but not too carefully done. MLC"

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