Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Warren questions our top military cyber official

You can see the video at her FB post, where she said:

"Congress voted overwhelmingly to impose sanctions on Russians who used cyberattacks to interfere in our 2016 election – but the Trump Administration hasn’t actually enforced them. I asked Admiral Mike Rogers, our top military cyber official, what Vladimir Putin thinks of that. His answer should concern anyone – Democrat or Republican – who believes the Administration has a responsibility to defend our electoral system. We need to use every tool available to prevent Putin from interfering in our democracy ever again."

Congress passed sanctions for Russia's deliberate cyber attack on our election, and Dump has refused to enforce them. So Warren asks Admiral Rogers what message this lack of action sends to Putin. He replied: "I believe that President Putin has come to the conclusion that there is little price to pay here, and therefore I can continue this activity." Exactly what Dump the Russian agent wants.

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