Friday, November 23, 2018

4th National Climate Assessment

Katharine Hayhoe's FB post on the report is below. This is dire stuff that demands we take aggressive climate action now. We no longer have the luxury of being incremental about it. Got that Pelosi?

"The Fourth National Climate Assessment (volume 2, on impacts and regions) was just released today at 2pm. It does an outstanding job of explaining how climate is changing in every part of the U.S., what that means for people and places, and how we need to prepare. What's the bottom line?

"First, climate change creates new risks and exacerbates existing vulnerabilities in communities across the U.S. Second, without substantial and sustained global mitigation and regional adaptation efforts, climate change will impede the rate of economic growth over this century. Third, communities, governments, and businesses are working to reduce risks from and costs associated with climate change by taking action to lower greenhouse gas emissions and implement adaptation strategies. But fourth, this is not enough.

"While mitigation and adaptation efforts have expanded substantially in the last four years, they do not yet approach the scale considered necessary to avoid substantial damages to the economy, environment, and human health over the coming decades."

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